Student Demo: Solidarity, Not Violence, Is The Issue For The Left. (via Norfolk Community Action Group)

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I did intend on taking my daughter to the 20th december march in London, but since they’re threatening water cannons its a bit much for a 15 year old. When i mentioned to my family i was planning on travelling down the response was less than enthusiastic – why bother?  what difference can YOU make?  Look at what you’ve got to lose!.  But it did make me think.

I live in Northampton.  Apathy central.  If i travel to London I will be in the company of 10 000 like minded freedom fighters but i’m unlikely to influence anyone as they’re already there (or i’m covered in blood on the train home).  If i protest on my lonesome in Northampton, i might be able to influence 10 people (and i can walk home covered in blood).

What to do?  Is it better to join the movement?  or try and create a branch?  Answers on a brick to…

Even Red Pepper Calls For Unions To Get Their Acts Together. Lets Hope They Get The Message… At last Thursday’s anti-tuition fees protests, students culminated their two-month campaign against savage tuition fee hikes, shaking the coalition government to its core. Such a protest has not been seen in London for 10 years. We’ve had bigger numbers, but the vibrancy, clear political analysis, and anger-mixed-with-party atmosphere, have all been abs … Read More

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Off your knees, comrades (via The revolution will be streamed)

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We’d better stop wishing and start doing something before its too late.

Off your knees, comrades I’ve given a couple of talks to student occupations recently and I’ve reused a line John McDonnell used at an NUJ meeting recently. The trade union movement has been on its knees, the students are showing us how to stand up. They are an inspiration. Many trade unionists have said similar things – in official sta … Read More

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